精彩足球推荐分析(www.99cx.vip)_Lotte Chemical unit signs agreements for Indonesian petrochemical facility


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KUALA LUMPUR: Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Bhd’s unit, Pt Lotte Chemical Indonesia (LCI), has entered into related party transactions involving the company's integrated petrochemical facility in Indonesia.

Known as the Lotte Chemical Indonesia New Ethylene Project, LCI has awarded contracts to Lotte Data Communication Co Ltd (LDCC), Lotte Engineering & Construction Co Ltd (LEC) and Kine Project Jo for the engineering, procurement and construction of an automatic warehouse and bagging area in the petrochemical facility, a filing with Bursa Malaysia said.

The first transaction involves LDCC for offshore engineering and procurement of the automatic warehouse area for a contract price of US$33.60 million, or RM147.80 million (US$1 to RM4.40).

The second transaction is with LEC for offshore engineering and procurement work for the bagging area for a contract price of US$6.2 mil, or RM27.28 million.

The third involves a construction agreement with Kine Project Jo, a joint operation between LEC and PT Jaya Teknik Konstruksi, to build the warehouse and bagging area for a contract price of Indonesian rupiah 432.1 billion, or RM128.33 million (10,000 rupiah: RM2.97).

The transactions have no material effect on the earnings per share, net assets per share, gearing, share capital and substantial shareholders’ holdings of Lotte Chemical for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2022. - Bernama

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